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sábado, 7 de enero de 2017

The Protected Cruiser Vizcaya


The Penultimate Periplus of the Vizcaya

Preparatory work for oil painting

Crucero Vizcaya
The Vizcaya cruiser leaves New York. May 1898
Preparatory work for oil painting exclusive for the following objectives:
  • OIL PAINTINGS: Size: From 46 x 38 cm; Price: From 200 Euros + shipping costs.
  • ILLUSTRATIONS: Sizes: From A3 onwards (standard or personalized); Material base: Paper, fabric, vinyl, etc. Price: From 10 Euros + shipping costs.
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The Cruiser Vizcaya

Translation by: Eugenia Moreno (eumorol@gmail.com)

The Vizcaya Cruise was sent, by the Spanish government, to the city of New York in response to the visit perpetrated by the Maine, a North American armoured vessel. The latter had previously sailed to La Habana in January 1898 having given no warning, and, therefore, opposing the most elementary diplomatic practices and naval courtesies that, at the time, were very important.

It was a truly uncomfortable and dangerous mission, as the Spanish vessel arrived to New York on February 19th, 1898; only four days after the Maine had been blown up. Thereby, a difficult situation aroused due to the sinking of the Maine at the port of La Habana, which forced the Vizcaya to dock at State Island and adopt extreme security measures.

Nevertheless, in over a week, the Vizcaya abandoned the Port of New York to incorporate itself in Cape Verde and hence join the Squadron of Admiral Cervera. From there, and following governmental instructions, it sailed to the Antilles with the rest of its unfortunate iron and wooden brothers. However, the journey came to an end, as finally, on the 3rd of April 1898, the Vizcaya navigated for the last time. On this date of infamous memory, the US fleet commanded by Admiral Sampson, provoked an enormous hailstorm of Howitzers and missiles; having been burnt down, with no leader and amid terrible explosions, the Vizcaya ran aground 15 miles west from Santiago de Cuba.


Our military illustration attempts to represent, with the pertinent artistic licenses, the Vizcaya’s exit from the Port of New York, which exhibits its recently-released Statue of Liberty (1886). Ironically, the country the Spanish cruiser courteously visited, would be the one to sink it sometime after a month, in the unlucky naval combat at Santiago de Cuba.

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