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domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017

Spanish Marines


Spanish Soldiers

Nº 1.- Infantería de Marina

Spanish Marine
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Taking advantage of the anniversary of the foundation of the glorious Spanish Navy Marines (27th February) which was the first in the world, we would like to make use of this opportunity to present a new illustrated collection that will be developed further as more entries are uploaded. It is a pictorial composition which depicts a uniformed figure belonging to the various military bodies or units which make up the Spanish contemporary forces. It is either represented with weaponry or saluting next to an inscription which compiles a specific text from the unit it belongs to. In this first image, we have introduced the initial stanzas of the well-known ‘Heroic March’ from our Naval Infantry.

Let us march to fight
Enhance the motherland
And make her glory greater
Nobility and courage
Our emblems are:
Never abandon the banner
When the canon is sounded
Because dying for her
Is our only duty


Originating from the Tercios Viejos of Infantry, The Corps is born when these units are organised to be permanently employed in the naval war. This decision was formally adopted on a 27th of February 1537, when the monarch Charles I organically assigned infantry troops to the galley squadrons of the Mediterranean. Thus, in such a memorable occasion, the Compañías Viejas del Mar de Nápoles received the singular honour of being the first Marine Corps in the world.
Sometime after, already in the regime of Philip II, the Naval Infantry was taking an important evolutionary step and was assuming a strategic role as a disembarkation force. This together with the important development of the naval potency, meant that amphibious characteristics were being structured. Such improvements would later distinguish these fighting units, brave on both, earth and sea.

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